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By HillryDuff a - Posted Jan 10, 18

Welcome everyone! I'd like to introduce EcoSurvival, a place where capitalism thrives. Our server will include many features not included in the original game, yet at the same time we're keeping it as vanilla as possible.

Some features include:

  • ChopTree - when you chop the bottom of a tree, the whole tree falls
  • AutoPickup - when you break a block, it goes straight into your inventory. No more worries when mining diamonds over lava!
  • Vault - there is an economic system within the server that ranks you based on your balance; instead of giving away your extra materials, why not sell them instead?
  • Multiverse - we provide multiple worlds in order to create as much room to build and play as possible'
  • GriefProtection - you can claim an area in order to protect from others' griefing
    • Griefing in general is not allowed. If someone griefs, please notify a moderator and they will roll back the area.
  • KeepInventory - when you die, no worries about the stuff in your inventory! 

In addition, the ranking system will depend upon each player's individual balance. The following list each rank, the requirements for that rank, and the permissions that rank receives:


  • Requirements:
    • $1,000
  • Permissions:
    • /tpa [player]
    • /spawn
    • /kit consumer
    • /sethome
    • /pay


  • Requirements:
    • $5000 balance
  • Permissions:
    • all permissions listed in previous ranks apply
    • /kit trader
    • /tpahere [player]
    • make trade signs
    • /sethome [3]


  • Requirements:
    • $20,000 balance
  • Permissions:
    • all permissions listed in previous ranks apply
    • /kit merchant
    • /skull
    • chat colors
    • /sethome [5]


  • Requirements:
    • $50,000 balance
  • Permissions:


  • Requirements:
    • $150,000 balance
  • Permissions:


  • Requirements:
    • $999,999 balance
    • 25 votes
  • Permissions:

$$ Billionaire

  • Requirements:
    • $999,999,999
    • 45 votes
  • Permissions:

We hope you enjoy the server! All questions and comments are accepted.

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